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The world’s purest water from the world’s best water coolers

from the world's

best suppliers

Finn Spring



A 100 % domestically owned,

full service water company!

We deliver all types of drinking water concepts to our customers in both the private and

the public sector: water coolers, fresh water coolers (POU) as well as table water and small bottles to our HoReCa-customers as a part of a turnkey concept. And we do all this with a customer friendly approach  -  we keep our promises.

Order a water cooler - your working day will feel easier and you will work even more efficiently.

Our very popular water cooler service is an easy way to care about the wellbeing of your staff and customers.

Our service includes the water cooler, the delivery of our water as well as the regular hygienic maintenance of the cooler. In this way, the service offered will keep a good hygienic standard.

Our small bottles (sparkling or still), are the right choice for conference rooms or other purposes. All products are delivered at the customer’s place.


The fresh water cooler (POU). An economical and ecological solution when the water consumption is high.

Our fresh water cooler is definitely the most economical and ecological option for the water serving in offices, public premises and production facilities. It is a user friendly and reliable solution that combines new technology with ergonomic design in an elegant way.

For a fixed monthly fee, regardless of consumption, you always have access to fresh, cool water. Thanks to efficient filtering, the water has the best quality and is free from problems with bad taste and smell.

Our filtration technology guarantees that the water is 100% pure and fresh. The active coal and micro filters remove impurities from the water and improve its taste. And the water cooler is easily connected to the water supply network, without sewage. 


Our restaurant and hotel service. The best water elegantly served.  

For cafés, restaurants or offices. Our water service is an excellent choice, when you want to offer your customers high quality still and sparkling water in a demanding environment. Without compromising on style.

The water is produced where it is consumed and is fresh and pure. We therefore rightfully call it ”the best water on the block”.

Our service package includes many different options. Please contact us for the best solution for your needs. 

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