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our water cooler service

Spring Aqua 18,9 l

natural spring water 

(Only together with our water cooler service )

The bottle water cooler is an easy and practical solution that works everywhere. It does not require much space and is easy to place where access to drinking water is needed. It is easy and hygienic to use. And most importantly – the access to 100 % natural water is always guaranteed.


The water is supplied in 18.9 l recyclable bottles, which are easy to install. After consumption bottles will be washed and refilled.  

Spring Aqua and "Virkistävää raikkautta"

Our water suits everybody, any day and at any time. It does not contain any allergens or any other hazardous substances. All SPRING products are naturally fresh and their carbon footprint has been offset!


We have added minerals, natural aromas or some sugar to the products in the”Virkistävää raikkautta” -product group in order to give them some flavor. Experience the new fresh spring water products!

Directly from the spring.


Pure and fresh water is the world’s most valuable resource. And we think that the best beverage in the world deserves to be served in a bottle that does justice to the product both in daily use and at special occasions. The SPRING AQUA Premium bottle lends the product an air of elegance and natural freshness.

The SPRING AQUA Premium spring water combines the highest quality with an elegant design. The Premium product is ideal for customers in the HoReCa segment, but also for special occasions in everyday life. SPRING AQUA Premium – nature at its purest!

the best restaurant water

Our restaurant water is local tap water that has been filtered, chilled and bottled where it is being consumed. If the customer wishes, the water can also be carbonated. 

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