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We dare to claim that our water comes from the cleanest natural spring in Finland


Our Finnish spring water comes from the depths of the Multila spring in mid-Pohjanmaa, is naturally filtered and as fresh as it has been for hundreds of years.

Taste award winner

The domestic SPRING water products have received an award in the international Superior Taste Award competition. The competition was arranged by the International Taste & Quality Institute.

High quality

The quality of the water is controlled every day. The production has been certified since the year 2001. The Bureau Veritas Certification  Finland accorded the ISO 22000 quality certificate in 2007.

Carbon offset

We have been offsetting the carbon footprint of the SPRING brand products from the year 2010. You will find the sign certifying the offset on all Spring product labels and caps.

Welcome to enjoy one of the best drinking waters in the world

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